The Savannah cat is a majestic, wonderful hybrid cat. They have the look of a wild cat while being domestic. The Savannah breed originates from the African Serval (a wild cat) and a domestic cat. Many breed the serval to a savannah, although originally the Serval was bred to a Bengal cat (also a hybrid cat) or to an Egyptian Mau or Oriental Shorthair. One of the other original domestic breeds used in creating the Savannah was the Maine Coon.

The Savannah cat is a svelte, spotted cat that typically tends to be larger than a domestic cat (at least with earlier generations). This however is not always the case as some F1 cats are small and some F4 cats are large. Savannah cats have a lot of energy and may not become the perfect lap cat. They are great jumpers and love playing with feather wand toys. Some Savannahs will also play fetch with you, although this trait depends on the individual cat.

Savannah cats can be taught to walk on a leash although a good harness is a must as these cats are great escape artists and can wiggle through a regular harness easily. They can jump high and play for hours on end. Savannah cats are more like dogs in temperament than like cats.

Earlier generation Savannah cats need a diet that includes some raw meat dusted with a vitamin supplement. Because of their wild genetics, they require minerals not always found in the quantities they need in regular cat food, such as taurine. Savannah cats are extremely intelligent and will get into everything - they are very much like having toddlers. My Savannah cats have an uncanny ability to know when I am cutting up raw meat - even when they are upstairs. The sound of my knife hitting the cutting board is all they need to be right underfoot immediately! Savannah cats can also be trained as I have done, to stay off my kitchen counters - especially when I am cooking. This, however does not work if I leave milk, cream or chicken out on the counter unprotected! They know the words "chicken," "kitty treat," and of course their names, just to name a few!!

Savannah cats come in different generations (F1, F2, F3 etc.). F1 cats are cats that have a parent as a Serval. F2 have a grandparent as a Serval, and the F3 has a great-grandparent as a Serval and on down. They also come in a variety of colors from the coveted Brown (Spotted) to the Melanistic (black), the Silver (Spotted), Black Smoke and Snow and many others.

Typically, Savannahs are discussed by their 'F' generation.
The 'F' stands for filial and it is in regard to the Serval(s) in the background of the Savannah cat.
In general...
F1 Savannah......... 50% African Serval/50% Domestic
F2 Savannah......... 25% African Serval/75% Domestic
F3 Savannah.........12.5 % African Serval

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